Looking for that “only-in-Vegas” experience? You won’t find a much better one than Machine Guns Vegas and its tailor-made experiences for firearm enthusiasts of every stripe.

Packages include Seal Team 6, featuring assault weapons you’ve seen in famous movies, including the M249 Saw, tactical shotgun and M4. For the more nostalgic, there’s a Bonnie & Clyde package with a sawed-off shotgun, Colt commando and a Desert Eagle. Or try the Femme Fatale package, where every gun, from the Glock 17 to the M4, is pink.

And Machine Guns Vegas has the world’s first VIP gun lounge. Featuring the plush, high-energy appeal of an ultra-lounge, it includes two private firing lanes, a waiting lounge with plush furniture, large plasma TVs, iMac, free refreshments and a separate entrance.

3501 Aldeberan Ave., 800.757.4668

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